The Eastfit Philosophy


1.   Build Muscle - No not like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Think words like 'firm', 'tight' and 'toned'. The bottom line is that muscle burns energy even when you're sitting, instead of your body storing it as fat.

2.   Increase Cardio Fitness - Encouraging better use of your heart and lungs will allow your body to burn fat more efficiently.

3.   Get Outside! - Aren't we inside long enough? One of the key ingredients in the fat burning process is oxygen, so where better to exercise than amongst the beautiful trees of Hazelwood Park?

4.   No-one Else Matters! - There will always be fitter people than you (unless you're a world champion) so don't feel self-conscious about that. Don't say "I need to get fit before I get help". The point of training is to struggle. You will struggle in your first session and if you continue training, in five years, you will still struggle; you'll just be capable of more.

5.   It's For Life! - Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle. If you stop when you get to your goals your body will start reflecting that; the commitment that gets you there is the commitment required to stay there, so don't be in a rush. Enjoy exercise, whether it's with Eastfit or dancing or walking or the hundreds of other options out there, just do it.




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